How does everyone make candied nuts?

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I was just curious what types of different methods people used. At the restaurant I worked at in Indianapolis, the pastry chef would make candied hazelnuts in the oven using a small amount of egg whites. I never got a chance to ask her the exact method, but I was fascinated that she was using egg whites. It may have just been for shine like someone might do on pastries.
Please share your reciepes.
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I just caramelized sugar, tossed the nuts in to coat and toasted briefly in the oven. A pinch of cayenne makes them interesting.
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when i make candied nuts i like to add different types of fruit jelly to the caramelized sugar, just make sure you melt the jelly and mix it in well...this adds some flavor and also a nice colorful shine to the finish after you take them out of the oven.
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boil for thirty minutes, dry in oven for thirty more at about 225 degrees, while hot toss with maple syrup and brown sugar place back in oven at same temp for about 45 min to an hour, as soon as they have a glossy shine and the syrup has been absorbed break them up onto a clean sheet pan or stainless steel table top and let cool,,,, you cant make a tastier nut candy.
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A quick and easy way would be to toss nut pieces in molasses and then bake them until dark golden brown.

The method with eggwhites is to toss the nuts in some eggwhites, then into cinamon sugar and then bake.

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