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If it were a fine dining or an upper scale restaurant. I would definitely do that because the experience would be horrible all throughout the service. Of course, what would you expect a 19-year-old server? Who doesn't have the experience to do anything with the food? But I will still complain it to the manager that can handle the situation better.
Yelp is more of a statistical review app for open businesses, and we have our own opinions.
Yesterday I went to this upper scale Vietnamese Pho restaurant at the mall. Then I ordered not the usual menu selections like pho. But I ordered the Chef's Favorite #124 - It is a grilled Turmeric mahi-mahi cooked over a sizzling plate with leeks and green onions. It looked tantalizing but it was way too greasy. I just suspect they heated the plates briefly, and figured they doused it with oil, so it won't stick. But you don't expect a lot of grills because I was expecting charred green onions, leeks, and grilled fish. Then I was served a side of rice noodles which were sticky when they were cooled, and then the other side was a big portion of fresh herbs and Vietnamese vegetables like fresh dill (Chef's addition and nice peppery touch of flavor), butter lettuce, rau ram(Vietnamese coriander), fresh mint and few sprigs of cilantro. There is a small side of fermented fish sauce with a little bit of chili garlic paste, toasted peanuts for crunch and texture. It was served traditional style but there are other Chef's additions to taste it more vibrant, fresh and bring you to Vietnam. That was the intent of the chef and those who prepared this dish. I enjoyed this dish because it gives me a more interactive way to eat it, and explore how to eat it 2 ways: wrapping with the lettuce, filling with fresh herbs, fish, and semi-fried and grilled green onions, leeks with the dipping sauce. Another way is they provided me a small bowl where I can eat it with the rice noodles. I actually complained afterward because I did enjoy my meal but there were mistakes how it was prepared. This was a great restaurant because the servers were professional and very attentive. The owners ask," How is it?" That's where I complained about the grilled fish on the sizzling plate.
I checked their ambiance - almost like a French decor Vietnamese hotel. The restrooms were clean too. After visiting this restaurant, they just have to improve on how they want to prep their food. The flavors are very good and would try it again.
The palate of an average consumer is different than a professional critic where the food vocabulary and his experiences are much more refined. And they are getting paid for their critic on what the dishes are served, and the whole restaurant experience. You should have relied on Zagat, Urbanspoon, FourSquare (for overseas travel), OpenTable and DiningGrades instead of Yelp when going to a restaurant you wanted to eat. You will be surprised there are few hole-in-the-wall and other local businesses that serve great food like no other. I look for these: Food, Service and Hospitality, Ambiance and Cleanliness.

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