How do you make "processed" chicken nuggets? Like fastfood style chicken nuggets.

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I was wondering how people make processed chicken nuggets so its like a bunch of random meat usually less desirable cuts processed into a nugget in such a way the texture feels uniform? I have real life chickens that are like 6 months old now. I want to eat them, but I want to use all their meat. Whatever I don't use I'll probably just feed to the cats and other animals that live outside my house in the woods. I think if I make processed chicken nuggets I might be able to use some nasty dark meat and put it in there since the texture will be uniformed like McDonalds or other places.


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As phatch said, they often start with mechanically separated chicken then add a bunch of fillers and binders to get that consistency. I think you can come up with better, tastier solutions. For instance, take all those scraps and misc. pieces and grind them up. Grind them finely, season and stuff them into casings for chicken sausage, or do a coarse grind to get a product that you can treat more like ground beef and use it in soups, chilis, stir fries, etc.
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Chances are very likely that you don't have the necessary implements to process your chickens into chicken nuggets like you get at fast food places. For starters, the chicken meat is broken down into a paste through a chemical process. That paste is formed into nuggets and another chemical is used to solidify the meat matter. The garbage, er uhhh (sorry) the chicken matter is coated, deep fried, frozen and then unsuspecting parents who think they're doing the right thing, drive their car up to a window of a building and buy these things for their kids.

There are literally hundreds of other things you could do with your chickens and not waste a single ounce. Stocks, broths and soups, for starters. Although not traditionally correct, you could make a fantastic demi glace out of the chicken. You could make chicken salad or any number of Asian dishes. The giblets could be turned into a gorgeous gravy or sauce. The skin and fat could be saved for later use in the event you needed a fat other than butter or oil. I usually save pork, beef and chicken fat to render whenever I want to use a fat that's different than butter or oil.

What I would not recommend is tossing the bones or the leftover parts into the woods for the critters. Once the critters know they can score a meal at your place, they will come back and keep coming back as long as you have chickens. It won't matter if the chickens are in a pen or not. I've seen possums chew through chicken wire and foxes dig holes under a wall to get at the chickens.

Good luck. :)
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I've made my own chicken nuggets before. There's no need to use any silly ingredients like the food industry does, and the result is absolutely delicious. And you'll be making them with meat from your own 6 month old chicken, not some 3 week old supermarket bird. More power to you!

The trick to the texture is to create an emulsion, which you can easily make at home with your food processor. I made mine with the pieces of raw chicken meat, cream and egg white, S & P. For 1 pound of meat, use 7 fl oz cold whipping cream and 1 egg white. Make sure all your tools and ingredients are real cold. Process for a while until everything forms a paste. Roll the paste in plastic wrap and slowly poach for about 25mn. Unwrap and let it cool down. Then slice, bread and shallow fry. I served mine with a melted cheese sauce.



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