How Do You Make Money On a $375,000. Truffle?

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shave it very very thin and charge 2,000 a pop for a slice with a bowl of rice?
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Shave it thin, and sell it to people who think that a truffle can be worth that much money, Served preferably with $10,000 a bottle wine. 
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Make a big deal out of it :p And find someone willing to pay for the publicity and exclusivity of having it served at their dinner or party.

I personally believe it's kindof easy to make money at it, because you appeal to a completely different customer group then what you ordinarily do. The people willing to pay 10000 USD for a night with a model, 5000 USD for a beautiful chefs knife or spend 25000 USD on champagne in a single night. Now when you throw a party or dinner where you have something exclusive enough to attract that kind of big spenders in the first place then the rest is not that hard.

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