How do you like your burger?

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How do you like your burger? I like mine medium, with one slice of american cheese (I know, yuck! but I can't help it), a smidgeon of ketchup, a dollop of mayo, one slice of romaine and a hint of slivered red onion. No pickles please!!! It has to be on a soft squishy warm bun that's lightly toasted, but no sesame seeds.
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I like the meat mixed with minced lemongrass, shallots, garlic, fish sauce, and a little bit of minced Thai chiles. Cooked medium, with a dollop of Sriracha and wrapped in a piece of lettuce. Spicy and so juicy this way.


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Fresh ground, medium, with blue cheese and fresh tomato/onion. Toasted bun.
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Do we have to choose just one?

Well, if I must. I actually prefer burgers made with bison rather than beef. Either way, cooked to just below medium. Blue cheese on the inside of the patty. On a home-made pumpkin bun goes a slice of crisped pancetta, the burger, some spicy mayo and a handfull of microgreens.
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MW and juicy, the old standby of saute'ed mushrooms and onions, swiss cheese.
Nothing else, no condiments, no garnish.
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Med rare. catsup or A1, pepper 1 slice american, undersized roll, raw onion and most of all not cold. Ground chuck 80/20 at least:chef:
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Medium 80/20 or top sirloin, mayo tomato lettuce (iceberg for the crisp)red onion B&B pickles, toasted bun.

Or blue cheese, caramelized onions, our bbq sauce....
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Cooked medium (if I wanted a rare burger I'll eat steak tartare), with a but if ketchup, mayo, lettuce and perhaps a thin sliver of old cheddar. I would add other toppings, but only if the meat isn't the best.
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cooked to medium. Served with either HP sauce or creamed horseradish. No cheese/tomato/onion etc.
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Cooked MW (hot, but still juicy), slice of Swiss cheese, bacon, tomato, olives (pimento-stuffed and sliced), a bit of mayo, lettuce and almost dripping down my chin:thumb:
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Like this...

from here...

Welcome to Stage Left Restaurant

It's oversized and juicy. Done medium with GOOD cheese and bacon.......and the biggest plus. wood fired grill.

Or. I like Bobby Flays new fast food burger place...Bobby's Burger Palace...I like his "crunch" burger, just a cheeseburger with potato chips on it....followed by a milkshake!!
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80/20 ground chuck cooked to medium, 2 strips of bacon, big slab of cheddar, mayo, romaine, tomato, on a toasted bun.
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Every once in awhile I like a burger fancied up like some of the ones listed above. But when push comes to shove I prefer a regular burger with cheddar, ketchup and a burger pickle. Sometimes a little touch of mustard. And occasionally a little mayo and bacon.
Sometimes too I like the old Double R Bar Burger from Roy Rogers Burger, american cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickle and sliced deli ham.
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KY- is buffalo the same as bison? 'cos i just discovered buffalo. Apparently its terribly healthy.
So buffalo burger, really loose and rare. on a bun with olives thro it - lightly toasted.
Rocket on the bottom, then red onion, then the burger. then... Well... My name is bughut and i love naff cheese slices... One 'o them then, some homemade b& b pickles and lastly a huge spread of dijon mustard.
It slip-slides as u eat it but o boy, fantabulous
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I like two thin patties formed and sealed around a chunk of mild bleu cheese, cooked medium. On top, I like peppered bacon, bibb lettuce, mayonnaise, a thin smear of coarse mustard, sweet pickles, and roma tomatoes.
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I've got two favorites: A-1 Peppercorn burger from Red Robin (i got the secret recipe from the chef for the A-1 peppercorn sauce - its least most ingredient coincidentally is the A-1 - its also great for dipping the french fries in)

And the original Happy Hollow burger (no longer made at the Happy Hollow tavern in the Quad Cities - new crowd - doesn't appreciate the good 'ol days when the burger was just $0.25)

Fried on a hot grill, turned over, turn down the grill add the S&P. Slow cook for incredibly long time it would seem. German course mustard on the bottom bun, a whole thick slice of Bermuda Onion, with Ma Brown dill pickle slices (also no longer available), burger, then sweet pickle relish and ketchup.

I also like my own made from tenderloin strap, sirloin, chuck (1:1:1) ratio, and any one of many condiments or hardly any at all, and cheeses sometimes ranging from pepperJack, to sharp cheddar, to Iowa Maytag blue cheese.

Butter toasted bun on the griddle!

Done medium well, I don't like pink in anything but my steaks.


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