How do you like this browser? It flips the web like a book!

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Hey Guys,

Saw this mentioned on Tech TV....Im gonna give it a little test run and give you a nice review on the product. This browser is supposed to make surfing the web more like reading a book. Much easier to flip pages that having to scroll up or down through the pages right? Well we shall see how it lives up to the hype.

Here is the link if you wanna check it out.


If someone has tested this please give us your opinion.

Joined Feb 6, 2002 is the deal on this new browser.

1. Its a fast download and easy to install and open.

2. The address bar is in the same relative space as with other browsers.

3. After surfing for a while you can actually go back to a previous page by the "page number". So if ChefTalk was on page 3 and you went to CooksIllustrated and clicked over 5 pages, then wanted to get back to ChefTalk all you have to do is click page 3. No backspacing.

4. If you want to go back one to a page you have seen all you have to do is click to the far left and the page will turn back.

I think it is basically the same as using Internet Explorer or Netscape. Not much difference except for the page turning feature. This would be best for looking at pictures or reading ebooks online. I found it to be just Ho Hum. It gets just 2 stars from me. Hopefully it will improve with age. :D


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