How do you know if you will be fired?

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    I was fired once, not long ago actually less than six months ago. It was not because I rolled up to work late every shift, it was also not because I was stealing stuff or anything of that nature. I loved the work... but I was just really bad at it. I was working as a waitress at a fast paced cafe where the food was bistro kind of food and the service was nothing close to what I learned in service school (I studied fine dining where the ratio of staff to customer was 1:5 - we learned about alcoholic beverages, cheese, wine tasting, coffee making, small talking, cocktail making, etc). I screwed up after service one time, got a few orders wrong and the orders were wrong from some very important customers... after that I was fired. 

    Anyway after this failed attempt in food service... I started culinary school, trialed at a few different places and somehow landed a job in a nice restaurant with great chefs. I am so thankful to have this job. Every single time I peel myself out of bed in the morning and get into my uniform, I keep wondering why I was even hired. The head chef knows that I am a total newbie and she is very patient with me. However, because I did get fired once, I do worry that I will get fired again, that paranoia hangs over me like a sack of potatoes waiting to drop on my head. 

    On some days I do really well, other days not so well and some days I make some really stupid mistakes. I still get worried that I will be fired. So far I managed to keep this job for about one and a half months. 

    ... Should I be worried that I will be pinked?
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    Don't focus on whether you will get fired focus on being better at what you love. It doesn't matter if you got fired once what matters if you got fired and did not learn anything. Think about if you owned a restaurant would you want someone on your team working the way you do? If the answer is yes then don't worry. If the answer is you constantly struggle, you don't stay late and ask to practice more, walk around with a victim mentality then you probably will get let go at some point. Worry can really drain your energy so focus on perfecting your skills. Start with one skill and become the de-facto expert on your team then move to the next.

    Truth is you have little control how the restaurant does financially and as a result anyone can get let go at anytime. Being fired is not the worst thing in fact often times people need it to wake them up from being complacent or lazy. What matters when you are fired is what you do after your fired.
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    Don't allow your fears to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Learn to channel that  fear into motivation to perform better each day.

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    First, Congratulations on your firing. Best thing to happen. Now it's over and you know what that's like. I've been fired more than once, asked to leave a couple places and quit more than one or two. Sometimes you just don't fit in. As others stated, show up, do your best, and keep trying. Doing your best is what you worry about. Let the rest take care of itself.