How do you grill a lemon?

Joined Oct 27, 2009
I've never done this before and I would like to use it as a garnish for my sauteed you put sugar on top to get nice grill lines or do lines just appear on their own?
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The sugars in the fruit will give plenty of color. Split it and put it cut side down on the grill away from the flames, letting the hot grate sear it.
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Can also be done on a griddle pan, but as ChefRay says, doesn't really need anything else. I Like to do them in with a roast chook on a bed of veg to roast with it, cut side down in the pan so it gets flavour from the chicken juices, also good the same way with roast lamb. It also flavours the juices in the pan, so you end up with a really tasty zingy sauce.
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Fast way for volume. Place on rack on a sheet pan sprinke a dash sugar hit with torch.
all brown even, no hot spots, you control color.
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