How do you eat your Reeses?

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Likewise except slightly larger bites around the edge and 2 bites for the middle and then a sigh wishing that it was bigger and marveling at how good that darn thing actually is!
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I don't!
I believe that peanut butter was actually invented by the Spanish Inquistors. They would say to their prisoners, "Confess heretic or you will eat this peanut butter."
Or maybe that's a heresy in itself :D

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Chopped, mashed, and mixed with enough milk to liquefy. Then sipped slowly like a prime bourbon.
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what's rough is when they've been in the heat and are smooshy and you've gotta scrap um off the little brown paper with your teeth....and hope it doesn't get all over the inside of the's always where the hot ones hide.

I actually kinda like the babies that can be popped.
the bigger ones hmmmm bite then twist and bite...not sure how many twists and bites but I'd guess 4-5....this deserves a study.
how about the ones with the cookie in them or the chunky peanut ones.
Actually I like the Violet candy bars from Britian alot.....are they heresay also?
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IMHO A peanut butter based concoction has no place in either dessert or pizza. SINNERS, ALL OF YOU! :mad: :eek: :mad:
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Did I miss something? What's so evil about peanut butter, Kokopuffs??? :confused: If you have an allergy, sure. But for the rest of us?
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