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    Home Cook
    I enjoy cooking at home for and with my family, to the limited extent my schedule permits. I've been lurking here a lot as my wife and I were contemplating some kitchen equipment upgrades, so I thought it was time to join up.

    Let me offer a retroactive "thank you" for all the people whose advice has been so helpful up to now!
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    I Just Like Food
    Welcome to Chef Talk

    Right?!  Isn’t this place fantastic?

    I was doing the same thing almost two years ago.  I was searching the net for some questions and here I am!  I’ve learned so much as a Home Cook, jump into any conversation.  A note, the 3 Pro forums are for folks who are employed in the biz.  Don’t forget about the Articles, Reviews and Galleries; especially the Special Guest Forum, good stuff.  You may want to look for past topics in the Search bar at the top of the page, as many times you will find what you’re looking for there.  IYou may want to join us on Face Book too. 

    Above all else though, ENJOY!