How do you define success??


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Is it about the money? About the prestige? The position?
Thought I would throw this out there.

For me sucess if being happy and having a job you like. Anyone?
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Well, for me, when you actually want to go to work!! Making enough money for the lifestyle you want, no fantasys here, just a good, full life. Seeing the results (happy people) of your work.
And not sure about this one--I am past the age when I could have retired, but am just not done yet?? I have set 2012 for a target and although I can't imagine no job, this one is a bit of a challenge for me physically some times??

interesting thread,
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For a while I thought I would be successful when I had a better paying job with creative control and good hours. Then I got one. I was miserable. Now I have a job that pays even better, I have almost complete freedom in what I do, and my schedule couldn't be better. I love it. I feel like I have the best job I can get with my experience in this area, at this time. The only thing that changed was how I treated myself in the position I have and the respect and appreciation I recieve from the management staff and my coworkers.
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Success is making a restaurant revenue, recognition and successful to the point the no longer need your services any longer! :mad: I just posted my thoughts on the same a sense!
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Success has nothing to do with Money. My definition of success is, when my business vision became an accepted reality. ChefbillyB
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for me its doing what i love and making a living at it. there are a lot of people that hate there jobs and get to do fun stuff on weekend. i love to cook and im lucky that im paid to do it.
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For me success is defined by a well balanced life, proper compensation for your responsibilities, a manageable schedule that allows you to see your family. Also an understanding of what your lessers are going through and to foster their talent and help them on the path to greater success. The ability to maintain a happy staff even under pressured and trying circumstance. Finally the ability to connect people you are preparing food for to its origins, stripping cuisine to its essence and allowing beautiful ingredients not your ego to shine on the plate.
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Being able to do what you are passionate about and getting paid for it. This is a second career for me and now that I have 20/20 hindsight I should have done this when I finished high school! But that just said I was pretty shy back then and likely would have been eaten alive!
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