How do you clean a very large wood board


Joined Feb 22, 2011
I have one thats big. 22 x 25. 2' thick.

All I do is move it around from place to place. its not been used. It is not going to fit in my kitchen sink.

I thought well maybe I can hose it off outside lol or use the bath tub.

A friend has wood kitchen counter & to tell you the truth , when I am there all I think about is 'how clean is this?"
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This is why I don't use my large boards very often.  When I do however I am very lucky to have a spray nozzle attachment to my sink which makes the job easier.  I only use my wood board for cutting vegetables though so it does not need deep cleaning. 

I believe that wood has antibacterial properties, I wouldn't worry too much about how clean the wooden surface is at your friend's home. 
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