How do you accept credit cards?

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Hi everyone, I've been in the catering business for a while, but, as a string of recent loss deals has made me realize, not accepting credit cards isn't an option for me anymore.  How do you guys accept credit cards?
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We have a restaurant as well as a catering service so we run our credit cards through our POS. However, for special events and off-premise catering, we use Square. Great company! Gina
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Be sure when setting up the credit card system that you pay close attention to the costs involved. Percentages, monthly statement fee, etc. 

The credit card holder isn't the only one the credit companies make money off of. 
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Actually the companies don't really make money of credit cards. I've used the same company for 18 yrs. I tried to switch a couple of times with square and others but always came back. If your in the mood for some levity one day, set up a meeting with a /CC sales rep. Just ask one question. Show me a mock statement where you have reconciled it to the penny.

I'm a little anal, I reconcile all transaction CC and others before I hit the sack.


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Whatever financial institution you use for your business banking will usually have a credit card program. That doesn't mean they're a good fit, but that's one place.

Costco offers business packages that have credit card processing. 

There are also apps and phone plugins for handling this, the best known is probably Squareup.  It seems a phone plug in would make sense for taking credit cards at the event or in person during negotiations.
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