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Hello All,

My name is Shannon. I am a 31yr old mom that LOVES to cook. Im not a professional by all means, but I have been cooking since 11yrs old. I come from a family of southern gals that has passed down an awesome talent, as well as many family recipes. I love to read cookbooks, watch food channels, and try all kinds of new things in the kitchen! I have taught friends how to cook and am known for guiding people in the kitchen even over the telephone. I've hosted and cooked for a number of events for family, friends, others as recommended.  A few events have included retirement parties, holiday parties, church events, sorority functions, small weddings, birhtday's and cookouts.

 My dilemma is this: Even with so many different experiences, i still dont know how to promote myself. I would love to become a private cook or possibly get recommended for many events on a more regular basis. People love my cooking, but the jobs come so scarce. Im not licensed, Ive never cooked for anyone professional and I dont have a culinary degree, but i would really like to get myself out there. Is there anyone that can advise me in taking the steps to do this? I know this isnt something that comes easy, but im really interested in just cooking behind my own closed doors. I would appreciate any advice given.

Thank you in advance!

Peace & Blessings,

Ms. Shan
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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.

I am not American, but suspect that there will be as many rules and regulations there about cooking in your home as there are here in the UK!  I am sure if you posted your question in another forum on here, eg 'Food and cooking questions', some of our personal chefs might be able to offer you concrete advice on how to 'grow' your idea!

The wikis,blogs, articles, reviews and photographs on the site are well worth viewing - with much inspiration to be gained.  The professional fora are read-only for those of us not presently working in a culinary trade - but make interesting reading.

Hope to see you around the site.
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