How do I prepare for an interview with a Cert Master Chef?

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Interviewing at a top notch country club with a certified master chef and I am still in the middle of my two year program at Culinary School.  Although my position would pretty much be entry level, I have read that other candidates for this opportunity are coming from top schools, clubs and even Europe.  I have made it past the first interview with the executive chef and am worried that I might not know enough to impress.  Do I need to know exact recipes/ measurements by heart?  Will I be asked to cook, even though they haven't specified?  I was told I just needed to meet the CMC to get final approval.  If anyone has any experience with something similar please give me some advice..........
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You will probably be asked to peel and small/med dice vegetables (I ask for potatoes and carrots) and create a dish from given ingredients. They will watch your speed, your form, your attention to detail and the presentation/taste of your food. Work clean, don't throw anything away, put scraps into a bowl, use as much of the product as possible (ie cutting very close to the root or stem). Use the term chef or sir, look tidy and clean, ask direct and clear well thought out questions. Good luck!
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Don't worry about the other candidates. that's taking your eye off the ball. Stay concerned with yourself.

     I don't know if you will be asked to do anything. As a culinary student, not much practical experience will be expected or asked of you. 

If it does turn out to be a working interview, you will most likely be given a recipe. Chef wants to see if you can follow it and as Lauren pointed out, work clean, organized and neat.

     Your first question before doing anything should be "Where can I wash my hands?" or "Where is the handsink so I can wash my hands?". 

      Show respect and politeness to everyone else, especially the dishwashers and other sundry workers. Humility goes a long way. 

Show that you know the basics. Example, if asked to prepare a salad, don't ask where they keep the lettuce.

Be courteous, look people in the eye. Don't flinch if asked to do something unpleasant.  If given instructions, even for the simplest things, follow them with a simple "Yes, Chef".. 

  What the chef most wants is someone he can instruct, train and rely on. Show yourself to be that person. 

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