How do I post a question?

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I´m new here as in any blog or forum!! I´m trying to post a simple question about cooking - such as the main dish I done yesterday for which I would like an opinion...
Which are the steps that I should follow? Shall I do it as I´m doing here? Look for a similar forum?
I found no "post your opinion here" or "send a question to this forum".. Shall I send a email??

Any help would be great!!
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I'm pretty new here too, but I think you could start a new thread in the  ›  ChefTalk Cooking Forums  ›  Food and Cooking Forums   ›  Food & Cooking Questions and Discussion.

Alternatively, or maybe as prep, I would highly recommend using the search function to see if your question has already been answered in previous threads.  If it is just straight feedback on something you've done, that might not be much help.

When you are ready to start a thread, try to be pretty specific in the title what you are asking about.  Vauge, clever, or too general a title won't attract as much of the specific attention you would like.

Good luck, and welcome!! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Hello Sirlene, and welcome. You started a new thread when you introduced yourself here in the Welcome Forum. Do the same in the appropriate forum. For example, if it's a cooking question, click on the "Food and Cooking General Forum", then click on the button for "new thread" and go ahead with your question. Home cooks like you and I must not post in the Professionals' forums, although we are welcome to read there freely.

We've recently moved to a new format, and many of us (myself included!) are still finding our way around here. One way you can get help is by contacting a moderator through a Private Message. This is a sort of e-mail for communicating within the community. Just click on my name here (or in the list of members), and choose "Send a Private Message". Any moderator can help you with quesitons about the board.

Good luck!
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Hi Sirlene and welcome to the forum.

So what did u cook last night?  There's a thread that's been going a while on just this subject

Do U cook mainly Brasilian food?

My husband works on an offshore FPSO in Brasil.He would love to explore Brasilian cuisine, but the general feeling on board, is that the brasilian chefs food is rubbish. Thats the Brasilian staff opinion too.Maybe u have some recipes i cd pass on??

You'll like it here. We're a friendly bunch and all  input is welcome

Look forward to  hearing from you
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There's no need for you to send an email.
You can post here like just what you did by posting that question here..
I'm sure you can get many suggestions as much as you want in this site.
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