how do i make uniform rectangular cake sizes?

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hi all! ok yes i'm a pretty confused with this how do those pastry shops make uniform small rectangular cake sizes ( for example 3.5cm x 12 cm ) they actually buy small rectangular moulds with that size and make each individual cake? or do they pour into a huge square mould ( 30 cm x 30 cm ) and cut them individually ?

well if the latter is used, how do they achieve uniform widths and lengths? do they use guitars? or some special equipment? i need some help on this :( i cant seem to get uniform shapes :r maybe my hand is just too wobbly :( 
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You can buy pans with the small molds,but I prefer to bake large and then cut, after marking off the sizes with a ruler.

It helps to freeze the cake (I call it a scant freeze,lolol) before cutting, then working fast with whatever (very sharp) tool I am using.

Google a few petit four tutorials and have a look at the techniques.

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