How do I make Tostada Shell Bowls.

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The problem I see with frying them at home is having a fryer large enough to fry the large flour tortilla. When the basket/bowl mold is pressed over the center of the tortilla, the oil bubbles up. The taco salad bowls you see in restaurants are made with large flour tortillas. Some of the bakery's in your town, most located inside grocery stores may make this type of shell to sell. Im my food service I have sold the shell to people for home use.....
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What @ChefBillyB  said.

I get wanting to do everything from scratch but in the grand scheme of things it won't be much (if any) different if you can source them from a pro kitchen (I totally agree that the store bought are flavorless and a total waste of $).

Unless you have an unlimited supply of oil and don't mind all that cleanup after what was supposed to be a simple salad.

IME of course.


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Brush them ( both sides) with Canola Oil lightly, place in larger ramekin and bake till crispy. I do this with tortilla when I dont want a fried one
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Yes, it was very good!  I thought....”This is good...for a first timer.”

It was a 8 inch flour Tortilla.  

I baked it between two Stainless Steel mixing bowls at 300 degrees F.

No oil. It was real crunchy.
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