How do I make a Chocolate Sugar Paste Shell (Pâte Sucrée) for Tarts?

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Here's the original school recipe:

PÂTE SUCRÉE (‘Sugar Paste/Dough’)

Yield: 5 – 8-inch Tart Shells

1 lb.             Butter, unsalted

8 oz.            Sugar, granulated

3 each         Egg Yolks (large)

1 each         Egg (large)

1 ½ lb.        Cake Flour, sifted

• Cream butter and sugar.

• Combine yolks and egg.

• Add eggs one at a time.

• Add sifted cake flour.

• Pat into disc wrapped in plastic wrap.

• Refrigerate until needed.


What would be the best way to make this a Chocolate Shell recipe?  I'm assuming using Coco Powder but how much and should I reduce the Cake Flour to make room for the extra element?
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 1 oz. unsweetend cocoa powder sifted with the flour will get you there.

Please double check your formula. If your rolling you might want to consider a

higher protein flour. Bread flour.


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