How do I e-mail something from a word processing program?

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    Sorry, I know most everyone knows how to do these things but I'm still in the dark ages. Specificly I want to e-mail my resume from "word" and some photos I have in "publisher" plus a cover letter (I haven't typed yet). Could anyone explain this in very simple basic terms that a non computor person like myself could follow, PLEASE????????????

    I'd really really appreciate the help!
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    To directly send one file:
    From Microsoft Word:

    ->Send to
    ->Mail recipient
    ...Fill in your recipient...
    Et voilà!

    If you are sending several files into one email, then simply do it from your email program (Outlook, likely?).

    When you click 'new message', on the top of your toolbar there should be a little paperclip icon. Click that, and it will ask your for the file you want to attach. You can attach several files that way.
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    Easier to do from email!

    If using MS Word:

    1. Click File button
    2. Scroll down and click Send To
    3. Click Mail Recipient (as Attachment)
    4. Should open whatever email program you are using as your default.

    If using MS Outlook:

    1. Click Create Message/New Message button on top of screen
    2. Click the Paperclip Icon at the top of the New Message Screen to start the Attach doc procedure
    3. It will open to the Insert Attachment screen: Go to the folder that you have saved your document in
    4. Click the Attach button
    5. Repeat if you would like to attach more documents.
    6. Remember to look at the Attach Section of your New Message screen to see exactly how many Kilobytes of data you are sending.

    From Hotmail

    1. Click Compose button
    2. Click Attachments: Add/Edit Attachments button
    3. Click Browse button (to browse your hard drive)
    4. Select the folder where your document is stored
    5. Select the document you wish to attach
    6. Click Open
    7. Click Attach (make sure to keep an eye on how many kilobytes you are sending)
    8. Repeat steps 3 to 7 if you want to add more files
    9. Click OK when done
    10. Finish composing your message and send

    Hotmail has a limit of 1024 kilobytes of data that can be sent so don't go over this. Also depending on your computer and internet speed, it may take a long time for your computer to send large amounts of data. If you are on a 56k speed modem (comes built into your computer and attaches to your phone line) I wouldn't recommend sending really large emails. Id break em up.

    DO NOT EXCEED 1000 kilobytes total for your message. Or your message will be returned to you. It is best to send 2 or 3 emails instead of one lump email when you have a lot of data. Remember pictures can be extremely big files sometimes (unless you have photoshop and can crop it down/resize it to about 1 inch by 1 inch. I found this size is great for inserting into email messages) so I went to one of those online photo places and created a free account where I could upload mine. That way I only have to type a link into my email for any client to access the pictures. Much easier that way.

    Okay, that's enough techie info. All it is is pressing a few buttons, but its a lot different using an online email program sometimes than it is using MS Outlook or Lotus Notes.

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    The Send To.. option only works with a few e-mail programs. No harm in trying it, but don't be surprised if if doesn't work.

    Most email tools have an attachment option and that will take care of your problem as described above.

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