How do I approach a Bar owner about..

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Okay, here's the situation:

There is a local bar that serves food (appetizers, mainly).  It's a small place in a good location that you'd pass if you didn't KNOW it was there.  The food there is mediocre (and generic) at best, but the place still has potential.  I'd like to revamp their menu with my own recipes.  

BUT!!    I work 40 hours a week during the day.  1.  How can I do this in the evening without wearing myself out for my day job?

 How do I even broach the subject to the owner (who's also the bartender)?

3.   What kind of compensation is fair, considering they are my recipes?
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You don't, It;s his business, when you graduate from school, you could show the world your culinary skills, in your own business.........................Chef Bill
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 I kind of agree with ChefBilly but do you even know this guy well?  Are you a regular?  If someone came into my business and said that my food needs work and that my bar has potential but isn't there, I would make sure you received a terrible pour from then on ; )

However, if you know this person well and when they ask, "How are you doing today?" you can reply, "I am working on this recipe and not sure if it is working...want to try it and give me feedback?"  

That might open the door but that's just me.  

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