How did your passion for cooking start?

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 With my mom, I feel like it was her expression of love for us. Every Sunday, when we'd have lunch or dinner together, she made sure that whatever our favorites are, it was always there. Plus, i love the kitchen. Only me and my elder brother have the passion for cooking. My brother works as a manager in a popular restaurant, but me I wanted to put up my own restaurant. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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My mom was an excellent cook and baker and I was her favorite foodie. I hung around her kitchen a lot while she was working and enjoyed every moment.

Then, as an exploration geologist, I worked out of small tent camps way up north and we switched cooking duties: the first to complain about food had to take over cooking duties. I enjoyed it so much (and I liked to eat well) that slowly I became a permanent cook. I remained so to date, after several decades.

George (author of What Recipes Don't Tell You).
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"the first to complain about food had to take over cooking duties. "

Ever heard the song about the lumber camp where the same rule was in effect? It's a perennial on the local PBS station's New Year's Eve song fest...
"Moose Turd Pie"
The refrain, when the lumberjacks  are told what they had just been served, is

"Best dang moose turd pie I EVER TASTED!"

Mike  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/rollsmile.gif
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My dad dragged me out of school at 14 to work in his transport cafe. It was a dive and I hated it.
At home he was a disgusting cook too and mostly me n my 4 brothers hated his food but we had to eat it. (it was just us and him)

All of this was enough to make me determined to do it right. Talk about negative inspiration :) 
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mine i guess started with eating the food and enjoying it and the way my grandparents made it for me. its just one of those things i was always exposed to, always around and always something with cooking.
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