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    My wife is a Texas Tech RHIM grad and former artisan pizza restaurant owner who was raised by a TT homec grad and gourmet cook.

    needless to say I have with relish and satisfaction set down to ALL my meals since we married * years ago.  

    I am descended from pioneers of the High Plains of Texas and was raised by a father who travelled the world so I enjoy both simple country cooking and international dishes as well.

    Looking forward to gaining a better understanding of cooking tactics here at Cheftalk...
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    Howdy RobeFRe, and welcome to Chef Talk. It looks as if cooking is in both your DNA and the ink on your marriage license. That can't be a bad thing. I'm eager to learn what your pioneer forebears taught you to cook. I know Texas food goes beyond barbecue, although that's a jewel worth learning and passing along to one's descendants.

    Although your other half is a professional, you haven't mentioned that you are. Because of that I have to mention that our community guidelines keep home cooks like you and me from posting in the professional forums, although we're encouraged to read in them as we like. We do our posting in the general forums where everyone (professional included) can post. Besides the forums, don't miss the excellent cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews, photo galleries and more. Use the search tool, because we have 15 years worth of content here and that makes for a pretty deep river to wade through.

    What do you most enjoy cooking? Are there dishes or culinary styles you like best? Are there things you haven't tried yet you can't wait to get to? 

    We hope you'll take part in the community to share and learn. 

    Happy cooking, happy trails,