How Can I Use My Huckleberries?

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Hi again, friends, here's my first question to you: I have a bucket of huckleberries in my freezer. How long can you keep huckleberries before they go bad? I was thinking about making huckleberry pie, but I can't seem to find a good recipe for this. I have the berries in one of those big plastic ice cream containers (I think the bucket is about 5 lbs. but I am not sure). I was also thinking about making some jam, but I'm more attracted to the idea of making some pie. I didn't buy the berries from the store; they're freshly picked from the mountains. I'm a big fan of berry-filled pies, by the way!:D Thanks very much to all who respond!
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Use them as you would blueberries in jams, pies, muffins and so forth. I think they freeze fine if you keep them air-tight in the freezer. I wouldn't keep them more than a few months, though.

Let us know what you decide to do with them! :lips:
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make a pie and a sauce great for fish or fowl.

Huckleberry Chipotle Coulis

3 cups huckleberrys
1 or 2 chipotle peppers, drained and seeded
2 tbl minced shallots
1 tbl butter
1 or 2 tbl sugar (depends on how sweet the berries are)
1/4 cup creme de cassis
salt to taste

In a sauce pan saute the shallots in the butter until translucent.
add the berries and chiles, as they soften add the sugar and stir until desolved.
Deglaze with liqour and reduce slightly.
remove chipotle peppers(add a half or more back to mixture for pureeing, it depends on how much heat you personaly like. I like a spice to it and 1/2 a pepper is usually all it takes, I don't want to take away from the berry taste)
Puree the mix in a blender adding a little water if needed for consistency then adjust seasoning with kosher salt.

Serve with swordfish or salmon, pheasant or turkey.
Even venison or bison.

Freezes well, you can freeze in 4 ounce portions and nuke it as needed.
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Thanks for the responses! Mia's recipe looks delicious and I would like to try it. I ended up deciding to make pies out of the berries as well.

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