How can I prep and cook different cuts of chicken (tenders, chunks, breasts, stuffed etc.), using di

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Basically, I want to be able to prepare and cook/bake different cuts of chicken without drying them out.

For the different cuts of chicken that I'm interested in:

Chunks (stir fry)


Breast halves 

Stuffed Chicken 

For the different methods of cooking:

Stir Fry 

Pan Fry 

Baking, especially stuffed chicken
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You'll notice that chicken thighs are the most popular for wok dishes as it has more fat in it and there is usually a liquid/sauce component involved.  Breasts you need to be on top of and I usually pound, coat with a binder then breadcrumbs and bake.  Cordon Bleu is a nice example.  Frying works too if that's your thing.  For whole roast chicken I don't stuff I prefer to bake the stuffing on the side.  Chicken is not turkey and the white meat can dry out waiting for the stuffing to finish cooking to a safe temperature.  I don't like tenders - IMO they are over priced and you gotta get the tendon out - I'll pass.
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