How are your knives stored/sanitized during service?

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Hello Chefs,

I recently acquired a Shun Premier 6" Chef's (my first "decent" knife) and on the label it says to not let the knife sit in bleach (like I have done with all my others) as it is not good for the metal. I don't exactly have room for a block or tray at my station though I can lay a knife or two down on a towel. Thought I would see what you all prefer to do with your tools during service. Thanks in advance.
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I agree on the "Don't burn any bridges" I would take it for what it is and leave with your head high............I've worked in over 25 food Food services, The only thing I ever wanted to do is leave knowing the place was better for having me there.........ChefBillyB
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ChefBillyB... I think that comment is on the wrong post.

And as far as my knives go, I wipe them off with my towel from my snai bucket and if I go from butterflying chicken to chopping veg, I wash it in the sink with soap and water and then sanitize it. As far as storage goes, I put it in my knife bag if I am done for the day or I set it to the side of my work station if I still have prep to do.

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