How about favorite brands of food?

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I'm thinking about products from the grocery store..


Mrs Renfro's Green Salsa
Farmland Bacon
Pepperidge Farm
Krunchers Jalapeno Chips
BBQ Baked Lays
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Kikkoman soy sauce
Uncle Ben's long grain rice
Land O Lakes butter
Skippy peanut butter (chunky or smooth)
Philadelphia cream cheese
Red Gold canned tomatoes
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OK I assume you mean mainstream grocery
Volpi's proscuitto and pancetta
Barilla pastas
Plugra (Keller's) butter or LOL
Alta Dena vanilla yogurt (like custard!!!)
Manda meats out of La. they have another name here....
Fresh cut and Red Gold Tomatoes
Amy's pizza (hey I have 3 boys)
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I just like it. Also, it's a Wisconsin product, believe it or not, made in Walworth not far from my town. This is soybean country as well as cheese country. Bottom line is, I haven't tasted many brands but like Kikkoman best. What are your thoughts?
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Well, let's just say what when I moved away from home years ago, my mother told me two things.

1. Instructions on how to use a rice cooker.

2. "Never use Kikkoman."

But hey, you should support your local soy sauce!

There is a particular brand you can find in asian groceries that she used and that I use. If you're interested, I'll let you know.
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Usually the less well known brands of soy sauce have more flavor. All the big US brands are made using more wheat and less soy, which is where the flavor comes from. If you can find one in the natural foods section labeled either "shoyu" or "tamari" they will be higher in quality than mass-produced varieties. Any brand imported from Japan that has bilingual labeling is probably higher in quality, too.
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Oh, yeah- Penzey's! I live about 12 minutes from their store. Am I lucky, or what? Their Dalmatian sage is out of this world. I have a bone to pick with their herbes de Provence, though. They add lavendar, and I'm not fond of that in my HDP mix. The stuff I've bought in France (which is now long gone) didn't contain lavendar, so I wonder why it's in there.
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Herbes de Provence is a blend of dried herbs typical of the Provence region of France which is why recipes for it vary so widely.

It includes savory, thyme, marjoram, rosemary and sage, and other herbs, such as oregano, fennel seed, lavender and/or basil may also be added.
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Second that on Goya products, particularly the chipotle peppers (smoked jalapenos) in adobe sauce and canned black beans.

CHAOKOH canned coconut milk for your Thai curries and other coconut milk needs... tried them all twice, there's no comparison

Barilla red pepper and basil pasta sauce... you'd think it never met a jar...
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Lay's Potato Chips
Rosarita Vegetarian Refried Beans
Mi Rancho Tortillas
Native Fire Roasted Red Salsa
Republic of Tea's "Tea of Inquiry" (stupid name, but I love it)
Alvarado St. Bread
Que Pasa Corn Chips (organic and GMO free)
Kellogg's Strawberry pop tarts (no frosting!)
Eden's Pizza/Pasta Sauce (organic!)
Muir Glen's tomato products
Orville Redenbacher popcorn
Ben & Jerry's
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hmmm. i like pringles - why i dont know, maybe im lame.

Kona coffee, enuff said
tahitian vanilla beans
French appelation Calvados
Sevarome hazelnut paste
Knorrs asian chicken broth (canned)
Callebaut milk choc callets
Quake II (oops)
Daves Insanity sauce
Proper swiss emmatler cheese
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We have Trader Joes in a few of the towns in connecticut, Westport,Fairfield and Darian.
Hey Shroomgirl, they make a good Pork Gyoza. $2.59 a # Pork,Cabbage,Green onion,soy,Sesame oil,salt sugar,white pepper,ginger,five spice (star anise,cinnamen,fennel,asian peppercorns and ginger)garlic. I can see some dried shrimp added...nooo problem
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I know Brooks ketchup don't know Dukes mayo.... where are they prevelant? I don't remember seeing them in La.

White Lily flour...oh my
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For about the past 3 years, here in New York City we have been able to get a wonderful fresh mayonnaise from France. The brand name is DeLouis Fils and it originates in Champsac, France. It is made of all fresh ingredients and is flown in every couple of days. It comes in two versions, a plain mayonnaise, which is wonderful, and an aioli, which is absolutely superb. The price is quite reasonable, about $3.50 for a 12-ounce container. Once the plastic container is opened, it keeps for about a month in the refrigerator. For those who are near New York City, it's available at Fairway (Broadway and 74th) and Zabar's (Broadway and 80th Street). Certainly I am not denigrating Hellman's, which I often rely on, but these imported fresh versions of mayonnaise are really remarkable. I would like to hear some feedback from those who are able to find them!
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Vann's Spices (They're outta Baltimore. Fabulous stuff and they'll ship direct, UPS. Wholesale too.)
Duke's Mayo IS the best!
Paul Prudhomme's Cajun Spice
Kahn's Liverwurst (Braunschweiger)
Jolly Ranchers Candy
Thill's Sweet & Crunchy Peanuts
Kikkoman's (Sorry, I like it too)
Barilla Pastas
Robin Hood Flour
Heinz Ketchup (especially the new green kind!)
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