How about Denver?

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Denver is one of the cities we will be visiting on vacation. Does anyone have any ideas for where to go and eat? I always try to look for local restaurants that offer unique and good representation of the area including ethnic groups as well as good use of products indigenous to the area. Also some nice family type places as well.
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Tommy's Thai Restaurant on Colfax serves good Thai food in a very, very informal setting.

Hoong's cafe, server great spicey Chinese food just off of Arapahoe, 10 miles south of Denver.
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Afra, I haven't heard of Marc's but will ask around and let you know. All the best with your endeavor!
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I just got to Denver and I haven't stopped eating burritos. The Mexican food here is great. I have been told that Carmine's on Pennsylvania St (I think) is a great Italian restaurant serving "family style" portions. I haven't been there yet. They don't take reservations and if you get there late on a busy night the wait can be 1-2 hours. Try before 6pm if possible. The Grill Spot is right next door and they serve a great burger, voted best in Denver last year. I had one the other night and it was a tasty burger.

Hope that helps.

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The Cherry Cricket serves an excellent
'burger. It's located across from Cherry Creek mall:

2641 E 2nd Ave
Denver, CO 80206

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