House made sparking water/seltzer ?

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Anyone creating signature non-alcoholic sparking water/seltzer beverages that would be willing to share with me what type of equipment you are using?  

Our small bakery-cafe is looking to develop some house-made fruity type sparking beverages (like you would make at home using a Soda Stream) as an alternative to offering bottled sodas and waters and would welcome any advice you could provide.

Thank you very much.


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Back in the day, in New York city, we made Egg Creams with seltzer water or purchased gizmos with cartridges to create the fizz factor.

Chocolate syrup (U-Bet) was the syrup of choice.  You might change it out with coffee or strawberry syrup.

If you poke around the web, there are some healthy "spa/detox" type water drinks using uncarbonated water i.e. water infused with strawberries, cucumbers, lemons and limes, etc.  Adding some "fizz" to the mix would be interesting/refreshing.
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Thank you so much, Cerise, for your prompt reply. I remember those NYC egg creams very fondly!

I like the idea of the infused "spa" waters, but would like to add the extra "fizz" effect to them. I've seen equipment in all price ranges - but we are trying to keep it as simple and cost effective as possible.

Thank you again for your suggestion and for taking the time to respond!
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Thank you, Cheflayne, for your question.  We are just looking to make & serve these flavored "seltzers" to order.
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A cheap and inexpensive way to test the marketable value would be to make a concentrated spa water base. To order, put some base in  a glass and fill remainder with soda water. 8 to 1, 4 to 1, just play around with the ratio.

If it starts looks like a viable market, then invest in CO2 equipment.
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