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How many hours per week do you work at your restaurant?

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Joined Nov 21, 2001
being happily un-employed(retired at43?) i entered less than 20, when i was working it was always 40-50 hrs. per week. sometimes more, as when i was working 2 jobs about 4 years ago- then it was 57-60 hrs. and i was very tired and extremely
_itchy. talk about burn out.


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Joined Oct 7, 2001
I very happily hit 40-60. One of the few good things about the Country Club is that I do get to work a pretty decent schedule. It may be 6 days most weeks but I still manage to average only 45-52 hours per week. Can't say that about some of the high end places I worked at, where 60-70+ hours per week was not uncommon. Heck, during one opening, I pulled over 30 days straight and averaged 85+ hours each week. The sick thing is that part of me misses that!! The other part says 'never again!!!'
Joined Aug 11, 2000
weekly....18-25 hours PC, catering who knows could be another 10 or so....then contracts, phones, foraging, teaching....too random to know...and then when events come I'm out of pocket for awhile.
Joined Nov 10, 2001
Panini,are you an Eagles fan,as this"old saying"is a variation of a line from the song Hotel California?
Joined Mar 21, 2003
well hmm seeing as i am merely a line cook and it is a new business i do 35+ (this is my second week in so i can't average). I work the grill closing due to my ability under pressure, as time goes and i get back into the swing of things i expect to be in the kitchen at least 15 hours per day (between culinary school, home and work) every day...i think for most people in the industry that i have met it is a labor of pure love
Joined Sep 22, 2000
I am the Exec. Chef so with Eric's quote " ...I will never work salary as an executive chef again...... It's slavery! ..." I do way more that 60 ++++++++++ hrs.

But with that said I love my job. would not change it for any other JOB.


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