Hotel Needs Breakfast: Buffet vs. Off the Menu Choice?

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Here's one man's ideas.

1 - Lemon Ricotta pancakes with fresh berries, ricotta whipped cream and warm Vt. maple syrup.

2. - 6 oz.stack of hand carved smoked local ham with 2 eggs any style & breakfast potato

3 - 3 egg French omelet with asparagus & aged Special Reserve sharp Vt. cheddar from farm of your choosing (Cabot does a fine one)

4 - House made granola with grains, nuts, dried fruits of locally sourced ingredients with Vt. lo-fat yogurt & local honey

5 - Vt sweetened  cream cheese and blueberry preserve stuffed French toast w/ maple syrup, natch (Use a nice local brioche loaf or bake your own)

I'd easily switch out any of these for a smoked salmon or trout platter with bagel, onion, tomato, hard boiled egg.

Good luck. You're fortunate. Vermont's an easy source, especially in cheese and dairy. Loads of great products and vendors to choose from. A good vendor for locally sourced specialty items from New England and European based small farm produce and specialty items is Sid Wainer and Sons in New Bedford MA. Small minimums and terrific quality.
Thanks, Chef... I'm sure you were looking over my shoulder when I was making my short list. We are fortunate to be rich in culinary resources here. And on a personal note, the smoked salmon is my personal go-to breakfast special meal.
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I worked in a hotel where our breakfast was so highly rated that we regularly had guests from other nearby hotels, as well as local residents and walk-ins. Often, we had to advise our in-house guests to make reservations, it was that popular.
Our format was continental buffet with ala carte eggs and small batch bacon pans, hash browns, sausages, mushrooms etc. These items were under heat lamps, but in very small pans, so maybe catered for four or five guests only - kept it all very fresh.

The continental section had tonnes of regular and unusual items - goji berry homemade muesli, fresh mini croissants with Belgian chocolate, house made super juices, freshly sliced fruits, yoghurts, artisan breads and so on. Everything was very high quality and very different to other hotels - no boxed cereals or frozen pancakes. Freshly brewed loose leaf teas in pots, quality French press coffee individual to table, espresso as an upsell.

If, as you say, the kitchenettes in room are getting used, why not also offer a breakfast hamper delivered to their door with the morning paper? Can contain portions of fresh eggs, bacon, bread and butter, individual condiments and fresh fruit.

Good luck!
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