hot spots from range, not pans?

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by bscepter, Jul 24, 2010.

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    for a while now, i've been noticing a single hot spot whenever i cook on my range (a bosch gas model). at first i thought it was my pans (mostly ss all-clad) - but upon closer inspection, it happens in any pan, always at the same point - regardless of where you turn the pan. i'm wondering if drafts from any number of sources are causing the burner to flare more in a certain point in its radius. 

    does this indicate a problem with my burners or is this just inherent in a gas range? the bosch wasn't cheap - and it seems to be a very well-made unit. but this hot-spot thing is a bit of a letdown. thanks for any advice/information.
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    I've just moved to a nes house with a gas stove instead of electric, where I never had a problem like yours.  Now, I have to be careful of drafts and how high I have the range hood (extractor fan) on.

    Are you sure the cooktop  was levelled correctly?  But I would tend to look at drafts.  My pots and pans get burnt at the back "edge" if I am using high heat - I just move them to find the right spot.