Hot of the Grill with Bobby Flay

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Is it just me or does that show remind you of a cross between the "Man Show" and a cooking show. That co-host is an ditz and she gets verbally abused by Bobby all the time.

Somebody tell me it's not just me.
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It's not just you. The difference between The Man Show and Bobby Flay is that The Man Show doesn't pretend to be a cooking show!
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I can't bear to watch it. Jackie is a glutton for his high-handed, misogynistic blathering. Can that guy even get a hat on his head??? I'm not a fan of Emeril either, but I can ignore his antics because I respect his food. Bobby.... well, I can't get past his antics.
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bobby flay is a a..hole i worked for him and i quitting,he treated his workers like ****,....
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Does Bobby have girls jumping on trampolines now ??. LOL :)
I haven't seen that show since they went and made it Food Network & Food Network Canada.
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Jumping on trampolines..... not yet. But he has these girls on the show and it's funny how he stares and talks to their boobs.

He came off as a respectable character when he beat Morimoto in Iron Chef but since then Im slowly loosing all respect for him as a person.
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All I can say is that I was never a fan of Bobby . The first time I watched a TV program he was on made me shiver . As Huey Lewis said " Sometimes bad is bad " .
In retrospect , I do not know Bobby , nor do I wish to .
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I don't know about respecting bobby for Iron Chef. After all, he did stand on the cutting board and he threw it also if i remember correctly. Plus Iron Chef sometimes seems rigged. Who knows

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For Bobby Flay to redeem ANY credibility, he's going to have to have a Jackie-Maloufectomy. She's a useless appendage, somewhat like an appendix. She's actually more useless than Claudine Pepin - at least Jacques has the excuse that she's his daughter. What's Bobby's excuse?

If people want T&A with their food, let them eat at Hooters.
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