Hot Dot Cookware - Inquiry and Invitation for Bulk Purchase

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Hi all,

I am writing to see if anyone here any experience with the brand Hot Dots Cookware.  

I am considering purchasing their seven piece set, and I am looking for 5 people to go in on a bulk purchase with me. I’ve read a lot about this set and the technology that speeds up the cook rate of your food and I’m looking for a few people who might also be interested also so we can get them for cheaper.

Here’s a link:

These things usually retail around $400 for a set of 4, but I found a deal that can get us upwards of $50 off if we can get a few people together to make a group purchase. The more people the better. Higher discounts are available the more people we get together so feel free to forward this to someone you think may be interested. I think we can get up to $100 off if we get enough people.

All transactions go through the company so you don’t have to send me any payment info, I’m just taking the lead on identifying a few people. Just reply to this email and I’ll forward you some more details.

This could be a great chance to get some brand new, really high quality equipment that wouldn’t usually be available at this price. Let me know!

Peace and Love


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It's pointless and overpriced Their claims bely the physics of the situation as well. 

They use a tri ply clad pan and then stamp a base on it. So you've essentially doubled the amount the metal you have to heat up. This means slower heat up compared to a tri ply base. It will have some improvement in retained heat, but that's not a problem anyway in clad cookware. Worse, it will not respond as quickly to heat changes because of that retained heat, one of the advantages of a regular pan on gas or induction. 

If you're on a solid surface or coil cooktop, the dots actually slow down heating even more as you lose the direct conduction of heat to an air gap.

This seems to be cookware in search of a problem that doesn't exist.  Skip it. 
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