Hospitality? Culinary Management? Restuarant Management?

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    I recently have been giving light to the idea of returning to school to get a degree, however I am confused as to what degree to go for. Many schools I have seen, have a Hospitality program and a Restaurant and Hotel Management program as well, but neither go into much detail as to differences and experiences,  so I was wondering if anybody else had some help. I work mainly at large outdoor festivals and concessions around the country, feeding thousands of people in four days. I am a great quartermaster, and my management skills only get better with experience. Thanks for any help.
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    First, you should tell us exactly what you want to do. If cooking, then culinary management, if general  food managing, then some kind of hospitality or restaurant management. My school has a culinary and hospitality management programs. About 3 or 4 of the classes overlap for both, but culinary goes into more cooking and hospitality goes into more of running a hotel or restaurant.

    Here are the classes required, plus others like english, math, etc.., for my culinary program:

    Food Service Sanitation and Safety

    Introduction to Hospitality

    Food Specialties: Baking

    Food Purchasing

    Basic Food Preparation

    Food Specialties: Garde Manger I

    Culinary Externship

    Food Specialties: Pastry Specialization

    Advanced Food Preparation

    Food Specialties: Cuisines of the World

    Meat Fabrication

    Culinary Management Practicum I – Restaurant Management

    Culinary Management Practicum II - Kitchen Management

    Practical Exam

    Beverage Management

    Banquet and Convention Management

    Dining Room Operations

    Survey of Nutrition

    If you already know how to cook well, you may want more managing classes, but maybe you want to learn classical style cooking, then a culinary management degree may be what you want.