Horror in Vancouver

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I thought some of you might get a chuckle from and/or relate to this thread from Chowhound:

Horror in Vancouver

I've been to the named restaurant a couple of times and I liked the food although I can't say it's all that different from the other non-noodle house Chinese restaurants. In any case, I got quite hungry reading the above thread.
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Reminded me of the time that my grandmother cooked my pet Henry when I was 5. I haven't eaten turkey since then. Took him a whole 15 minutes to die. Absolutely horrible. :eek: :(



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I may be crazy but that sounded like a once in a life time food experience and this guy instead of enjoying it was freaked out. Fresh scallops? How excellent. Would be happy to trade places with him any day wouldn't you?
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Is anyone else a fan of Douglas Adams's "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?" There's a bit in "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe" in which our heroes are introduced to The Dish of the Day, an animal that has been raised to want to be eaten. They all have a pleasant conversation (including The Dish), before it goes off to shoot itself ("Don't worry, sir. I'll be very humane.")
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A friend who visited China told me of a dish called Drunken Shrimp. The Shrimp are permitted to swim around in sake until they are sufficiently drunk (as noted by the erratic swim patterns), then the diner eats them alive. Egads.
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I read somewhere that the sushi restaurant, Heat, in Chicago does this. They also bring the live fish to your table for inspection prior to slicing it up for sashimi. The description I read in Citysearch Chicago was "killed-to-serve." I was going to take my brother there last weekend based on Nicko's suggestion, but I realized that I would have had to spend at least $250 just for him -- huge appetite. He also tends to eat more for quantity rather than quality.

Here's a link to GlobalChefs.com that shows a blowfish being turned into sashimi at Heat:

When fresh just isn't good enough

There's a bigger picture of the finished dish on GlobalChefs home page.

Correction: It's not live shrimp at Heat after all but live baby eels.
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