Hormel Factory Video from about 1965


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It's long, about 30 minutes, but I found it interesting, even if dated. Kind of took me back to grade school the way the film plays out. All those Bell Labs movies too.

I don't think they'd show some of the content today, even in modern form. The carcass handling and skinning systems were interesting to me but I can see where it would offend modern sensibilities pulling the beef skin off the carcass and salting it for shipment to the tanners. They don't want to know that their food was once a farmyard favorite playtoy (If I can misquote Howard Jones)

Other highlights for me were the elegance of the ham cutters removing the leg from the carcass. They made it look effortless. The bacon slicer was impressive too. 

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Great video. Brought back memories for me too. I used to love all those school videos, not just because we avoided schoolwork while watching them. 

     While on vacation in the summer of 70 or 71, my father arranged a tour of a similar processing facility in Michigan for us. ( I'm pretty sure it was Michigan. ) We happened to be nearby and he thought it would be a good educational visit. 

      The plant manager walked us along the catwalks above the work floor. It was fascinating to see. They didn't hide any of it from us. I still remember the smell. Kind of humid and strong but you got used to it. I suppose because it was presented in such a matter-of-fact way neither my sister or I were really bothered by it or developed any aversion to meat.

It wasn't as automated as this plant. More employees doing it by hand. 

     I wonder if Hormel would be willing to produce a similar video today with all the activists ready to pounce. 

At any rate, Thanks for posting. 
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