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I have a couple of questions about rice and was unable to find a thread to answer them.
I was wondering about Basmati and Jasmine rice, I've seen the packages in the stores, seen them on menus, but I've got no idea what type of rice they are or if they are just a basic white rice with a fancy name. If someone could let me know, it would be appreciated.

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NO WAY!!! They are wonderful esoteric rices...nice flavors and very different, they are also prepared differently than "normal converted white rice".....
If you want an interesting experience, do a rice tasting, make basmati, jasmine, long grain, short grain, etc and taste them side by side.....trully a revelation.
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Basmati rice is an Indian, long grain rice that is sometimes aged in saffron or jasmine. Elephant brand, sold by Indian grocers,is reputedly the best brand of Basmati rice. I buy it exclusively. It is served "dry" in the traditional Indian way and not "sticky" like Asian style rice. :D

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I love jasmine rice...haven't cooked much basmati but I do have some in the pantry to try. Jasmine is so flavorful - love it.
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im not really sure of basmati rice, however, with jasmine rice, i have actually seen it growing and it is a sub species of rice - real jasmine rice growing will give off a absolutely wonderful jasmine scent, somewhat like jasmine rice in the package.

Dont ask me why, i dont know, but it is a scent worth experiencing.
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You will find a gold mine of info in the following book:

Seductions of Rice
by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid

Go at www.bn.com

You will not only find book review but table of contents and recipes.


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Yeah I agree! I was "seduced" by "Seductions of Rice" A good info book on different rices and rice preparations. Have yet to try Jasmine rice, but looking forward to it! Basmati is great tasting!
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Jeff, they are both long grained rice with distinct scent and flavor.

The basmati is warm and slightly nutty flavored. This is traditional for Indian food. You can use for pilaf or plain. The grains come out nice and separate. Very elegant.

Jasmine rice has a floral perfumed scent. It is used, steamed, in Thai cooking and complements Thai curry, but I use it for all kinds of dishes. You can also make coconut rice with it.

I use both these rices for any kind of food, but especially with fish. Try them, they are both great.
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