honey mangos...my ingredient to simply enjoy without any culinary additions

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In the UK we have bog-standard mangoes in the supermarkets, but come July and August, the indian and halal shops ( of which we are lucky enough to have many) stock decorated boxes of honey mangoes. They are sold by the box of 12. Each one in its own lovely tissue pouch, decorated with colourful paper fronds and they are superb. Given as gifts. they exceed all expectations of how a mango should taste. They are fully ripe with tempting, sticky buds of sweet juice on the skin.

 They are the one ingredient i would simply enjoy 

What's yours?
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Honey mangoes are everywhere here in SoCal. I absolutely loooove them. 

Kumquat season is just over. I'm looking forward to cherry season. Later there will be fig season. Three fruits I simply enjoy just the way they are. 
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Are honey mangoes the long, slender, yellow ones? Those have just shown up in the markets here and I adore them. The one thing I do like to do with them besides eating them out of hand is to make mango/lime sorbet.

We're finally getting decent (California) strawberries and I've made the first strawberry/balsamic vinegar ice cream of the season. This week we've had very good blackberries (from Mexico) and I'm considering making ice cream from those.

Missed the kumquats because I haven't visited the Vietnamese markets in awhile.

Last special things here were blood oranges--Aside from eating them on their own I made a lovely blood orange and olive oil cake--and Meyer lemons. Made a couple of Meyer lemon pound cakes from those.

I'm still working my way through a couple gallon jars of sour cherries preserved in a vodka/sugar syrup (a recipe from a French friend) from last summer and looking forward to the season for fresh local fruit and berries.
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They are terrific Bughut.

I am crazy about figs, ripe, right off a tree.

Rainier cherries

My friend has a fruit farm at Niagara on the Lake. They supply alot of restaurants.

There is nothing more inviting than to be there when the fruit trees are producing.

side note: I once watched in absolute amazement the cedar waxwing birds diving and swirling into my aunt's cherry trees as they were after the fermented cherries . To this day , it is a sight I will never forget.

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