Homemade Pasta Gets Gummy/Sticky, Help!

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Hoping you all can help me out here with an issue I've been having. I've tried many types of pasta doughs and any time I make an egg pasta, I always get the same issue when finishing it in a pan with whatever I'm using to sauce it. The dough itself always feels right before cooking, it's only after that it seems like there's a problem.

When I take out of the water and put into the pan, my pasta gets very sticky and a little gummy. I'm not able to really toss it with the sauce, then wrap it up around a large fork to plate it.

I'm guessing it can be one of these issues below, but not sure which one, hoping it's a very simply fix/common issue. Any thoughts? Thank you so much!

Possible errors:
- Dusting with too much flour after it has been rolled & cut, prior to boiling
- Cooking too long? I usually keep it to about 2 minutes in the boiling water
- Rolling it out too thin? If I make linguine, I'll usually roll it out to a 6 on my kitchen aid attachment, then hand cut.

Thank you!!
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Aloha @Twothumbswayup  Welcome to ChefTalk!

I can think of two things straight off:

Prior to boiling the pasta, place it in a colander or mesh strainer and shake off as much flour as possible

You're possibly boiling that pasta in too small of a pot with too little water

Just thinkin out loud ... um and it's just me, but I don't go past #4 on my KitchenAid Pasta sheeter, but we like thicker pasta
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@teamfat  good point as well!

How long do you leave your fresh pasta to dry mjb?

I have instructions from my in-laws to leave it for the majority of the day,

"on the dining room tablecloth and cover with another cloth".


Me thinks it's just about time to make another HUGE batch of RAVS

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