Homemade Butter Frozen

Joined Apr 10, 2016
I go through so much butter with baking, so I wanted to start making my own since it is very simple. The issue is that I want to make it and freeze it so I can make a bunch at once then use it when I need to, however, I wanted to know if homemade butter will last long frozen/will it be "good" still, as in will ir still be the same butter that it was when I made it.
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Butter, when you make it at home with cream from the store, should be only used fresh and stay in the cooler. Freezing it, because of the cream you've made it from, will cause ice crystals on the butter and add more water content into the butter itself when you're cooking. I'd recommend buying wholesale butter from Sam's, Cosco or GFS in bulk. It's hard to tell what your water/moisture content will be with homemade butter if you're not a skilled amish butter maker; on top of that, trying to use that butter in fresh baked goods that require a specific liquid content.
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