Home made pasta!

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I've done home made pasta only a few times and only used this recipe so far :
10 ounces (about 2 cups) all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting
2 whole large eggs (about 4 ounces)
4 yolks from 4 large eggs (about 2.5 ounces)
1 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more for salting water

And I did not add more flour did not even use all even added a few mls water because it did feel a little bit hard the dough. And I rested it maybe 1,5 h - 2h in room tempature. And then I rolled it out super thin by hand, the dough was easy to work with so I guess it was a good dough. But when it came to cook it, it took forever to cook probably 10 min even more to make it tender. And it was more like eating rubber actually.

So what's your thoughts on this, can you over work the dough, should I try out another recipe? Is it because I roll it by hand?

Help me out with this please!
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That is pretty much the exact recipe I use and it almost always turns out great.  I do use machine to roll out dough.  It can be done by hand, but adds a good degree of difficulty.  Did you wrap your dough when resting?  I might have dried too much maybe?  With pasta over kneading is rarely a problem.  Also I think 1.5- 2 hrs rest is a little long.  15-30 minutes does the trick for me.  Pasta cooks in 2-3 minutes. Hope that helps.
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I did wrap it with plastic and i rolled it out pretty Quick, so did nothing wrong with that. Only reason I can think off, could be the dough is just not right, maybe need to have more moisture in it, make it a little bit more softer.
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Try to find 00 flour it's finer ground than AP, or maybe try pastry flour?
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Well I actually live in Australia and they don't have ap flour here, it's called plain flour and i guess it's pretty similar to ap flour. I'm gonna try to find that 00 flour!

Is it better to have a flour with higher gluten?
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definitely 00 flour ...it's softer and gives ur dough more strength

What kind of pasta you wanna do?

for a softer dough ravioli etc...so stuffed pasta  is better to use more yolks then whole eggs or even only yolks and 00 flour

for firmer dough.it's a good idea to replace some of the 00 flour with semolina flour and go with whole eggs plus some yolks

try to use less salt in the dough mix

1/2 a tea spoon of salt in your recipe should do it as well!! add a tblsp of olive oil

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Agreed.   While I don't have the time to learn to make quality pasta, I'm really into tart dough.  But that's just me. 8)
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2-3 minutes is usually plenty for fresh pasta.  10 minutes is way too long.

Your recipe sounds fine.  Egg whites are a protein and add bite or chew.  Yolks are a fat and add smoothness.  You could use a little more flour and some water, but I think the issue is cooking time.

The rest is fine - just more than needed.  Dough should be wrapped to prevent drying out.

Fresh pasta does have a different texture.  You actually don't need any whites - it's personal preference depending on your desired result.  More fat produces a smoother pasta. 

Some flours have more moisture than others.  If your flour is very dry, you might need another teaspoon or so of water.  
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My guess is the rolling by hand... Maybe not thin enough?

My first time making pasta I didn't roll thin enough and ended up with strange, tough dumpling lengths :)

If you can, get your hands on a machine, and try again. I got one from Big W or Target for $30, works a treat. Roll out to the second thinnest setting, then fettuccine cut.

Nothing beats fresh pasta!
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