home grown is best !

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MamaD, a fabs topic.

With clay in our grounds, it's taking time, but my concentration is to get the chives, spring onions (not shallots), chinese mustard spinach, snow peas, beans, tomatoes,
variety of peppers, chillis and maybe with some luck, melons- bitter, winter and loofah.
also have lemon mint, basil and coriander on the go,
but as you all well know, Ottawa is coldish and growing season much too short.

Fresh soil in the early morning, crispy ripe veggies from garden into stir fry or soups, yummies.

Other gardening topics as fascinating :rolleyes:
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Glutz, your post made me think of my parents garden on a sunny day (like today). My mother has always worked hard at her garden. I used to hate having to wash the bugs out of the lettuce. But now that I'm grown up I appreciate her wanting trustworthy, beautiful veggies to cook, especially potatoes. I live in a flat (apartment) now, but I can't wait to afford my first little garden. Until then it's basil in the window...
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I had a year round garden in Baton Rouge...24'x4' a third was herbs a third veg adn the last third a cutting garden.
I made the soil myself and had NO WEEDS....what a joy to pick haricot verte and yellow pear tomatoes...rarely did they make it into the house. Frise and tarragon, sugar snaps and volunteer spagetti squash.
I've lived in a townhouse with herb pots for almost 6 years....boy I miss my garden I do not miss the 1/4 acre yard.
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