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How big is the grill?  This is a key question. 

If you fry anything it has to drain for a minute or two to stay crispy for awhile btw.  It has to be shaken a bit to let some steam off, and they have to drain.

It also sounds like you dump a lot on the grill and they don't get hot fast, because it kills your grill.  Is it just a plain jane manual?  When you load a manual grill up, it kills the temp and takes awhile to get back up.  Especially with a whole layer of potato, which can suck up a lot of heat.  Are you throwing room temp or cold potatoes on?  A snap-action grill could fix that.  Are your potatoes already cooked?  Most diners have a lot of potatoes ready to roll and don't wait to throw spuds on until the tickets roll in. 

If you boil. peel, and then slice them on a box grater, those can sit for a long time on the flat top because they still have a lot of starch that helps to slow browning, you can keep turning them and mixing them, and you can start a big pile before service that you keep refreshing as you go. Then they're fully cooked, and are being reheated. They are moist and so can sit ona  grill a long time without becoming overdone.  I worked at a place that would load the entire grill preservice and brown the whole underside, then flip them all over and make a big pile that you take from the bottom, and then reload a ton of fresh ones between the pile and the grill's wall just to be able to keep up during the rush.  You move that pile towards the work side and keep laying new ones down.  As soon as you have a bare spot, lay more down.  Keep moving the old in one direction and lying down the new.  Those sat out on the line for a bit to go on warm btw. If you have a manual grill, not a snap action, laying down cold spuds will kill the grill and slow it all down.  Potatoes can suck up a ton of heat right off the grill, even when room temp, then the cooking process stops, and it takes forever for the grill to get back up to temp because the potatoes keep sucking up heat.

You can throw presses and weights onto them to cook faster and trap rising heat.  If you can devote a whole side, and not just use the back, you can lay down a huge press that is usually used for like 20 steaks on a grill.  When they're hot slide them all towards the pile, lay new ones down.

I'd have to know more to be able to help you though. 

Also, get induction burners for some back table to heat up lunch's soups and free up some stove top space for eggs or something.  Get an induction you can maybe put off to the side for poached if your set up would allow it.  You'd have better heat control and it frees up more burners to solve a way bigger problem. 

You can put a six-pan in the corner of the flatop with fully cooked bacon, and keep turning it over with tongs, and they'll be hot.  You can just pull piles oout of that to crisp up real quick without using much space.

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