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I'm a person that enjoys cooking at home.  I just went out and bought The Flavor Bible.  Lets hope between this book and The Professional Chef and can come up with some great flavor combinations and some techniques to make some stellar food. 

Does anybody have any thoughts on these two books?

Hope I some good news to post in the near future.

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Lifesavin, both those books should prove helpful; The Flavor Bible perhaps more so for a beginner, as the other one is more of a textbook.

As you work on your cooking skills it's important that you concentrate on techniques and understanding ingredients, rather than on recipes per se. The whole secred of good cooking is to apply good techniques to good ingredients. All else is talk!

For instance, let's say you have a recipe for pan-seared fish seasoned with certain spices. If you follow that recipe, you'll make a great fish meal. But, if you learn how to do pan-searing, and why those particular spices work with each other, you are then geared up to make hundreds of meals.

Let us know how you make out.
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I am hoping that between these two books I can learn some techniques and what seasonings go with what.  Or what ingredients go together.  Feels like a daunting task right now but hopefully it will come together for me.

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I must say it is an adventurous book!!!!

The thing which I like about this book is - It does tell you flavors and tastes that pair with other tastes.
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First of all - congrats on taking the step and purchasing not just one, but two books on cooking. Truth be told, that is what I consider the first step as they will give you some ground work - a basic idea on which you will be able to build on.

Second - and this is even more important for me - be humble. And you definitely achieved this.

Third and last - fully agree with KYHeirloomer on this.

To understand the technique, knowing it's uses and when to use it and understanding your ingredients will bring you to the next level.

It might seem like a daunting task, but trust me, it will be a very fun one. As long as you are patient.

Once you start experimenting you will work out what works and what does not - we all have and are still doing so every day.

Keep trying, be sure to write your experiments down so you don't forget them, and over time you will be amazed what dishes you can turn out from your kitchen.
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It should be a fun challenge. I also have The Professional Chef book as well as The Flavor Bible. Hopefully I can put it all to good use.
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