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I'm a baker, mostly crusty loaves, publish this and other culinary hobbies on weber_cam.

Biggest new thing I want to figure out is how steam deck ovens work, in particular, how these ovens exhaust excess steam into the baking cycle.  Also, how deck compare to convection ovens for crusty breads.


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Hi Dave, and welcome to Chef Talk. I hope you'll share your culinary discoveries with us here at Chef Talk.

I'm a home baker too, but I'm quite a bit less ambitious than you are. Still, there's plenty to learn here- even things you didn't know you needed or wanted to learn! As home cooks/bakers, we are permitted to browse and read in the professionals' forums (including the Pastry and Baking forum), but we mustn't post there. However, you can post to your heart's content in the General Baking and Pastry forum (as well as the other General forums).

If I may ask, what lit your "baking fire"? Was there a strong influence that propelled your culinary questing?

We look forward to seeing you here often. Welcome!

Joined Apr 3, 2011
Thanks for the kind words.  I grew up around Boston where every gritty strip mall had a great bakery, now in the midwest, good bread isn't so abundant.  Thanks also for reminding me of the allowed forums to post in.

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