Holy melting whetstones Batman!

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I read something about how oversoaking some brands of artificial whetstones will destroy them?

I read this about hich common stones fall in this category?  I read that about my Kitayama...
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Good question -- sorry I'm not the one to answer it.

You might do a little searching on an alternative form of the question: which stones can and cannot live in water?

Some stones, that is, can be left in a bucket of water continuously -- though you usually add a little something to keep nastiness from growing -- and some stones will be damaged by this. That would, I think, answer your question, and I know I have seen discussions of this around these parts.

Good luck!
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I'm not sure.  I've been told the Bestons & the Bester 500 can live in the water.  I've also been told that Choceras shouldn't.  Beyond that I don't have an exhaustive list.  My process is to start my stones soaking while I do something else (eg shower, get a bite to eat, etc) and come back to them after half an hour. 
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I know Choceras have a note on the side that says "do not soak in water too long, please!" Which is to say, NO, don't leave them in water for days on end.

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