holding times for dessert components

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have two desserts being prepped for Easter: lemon meringue tarts; chocolate cheesecake tarts

I'm trying to figure out how far in advance I can make the components for the lemon meringue.

based on my reading, i will most likely try an italian meringue. can that be made in advance?

how long in advance can the lemon curd be made?

how long can the baked cheesecake (in graham shells) hold?

and lastly stabilized shipped cream - i'm hearing that milk powder for stabilizing is a better tasting result. agree? disagree? how many days can that hold?

thank you very very muchly!!!
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Lemon curd can be made days or a week before and stored in fridge.
Meringue, about an hour or two before serving for a great product
If the chocolate cheesecake tart is baked in the graham crust, it should not be refrigerated for a great product.
I dissolve a small amount of Knox gelatin into some water, and drizzle this into the heavy cream as I whip it.
My whipped cream is stable in the fridge for a couple days.

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