Holding Spaghetti Squash

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I am new to the forum. I am the chef for a rural hospital in the Midwest. Our cafeteria utilizes hot wells from which entrees are served, typically holding for around 10 - 30 minutes before they are turned over. We serve 3 different entrees daily, and try to have at least one vegetarian entrée. One of the things we are looking at adding when revamping our current menus is spaghetti squash. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience pre-cooking and reheating these in an institutional setting, and how well it holds in hot wells. Any tips, tricks, or pointers to save me time and experimentation would be greatly appreciated!
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It's only tricky if you want to keep the spaghetti like nature of it. A bit of water/moisture in the pan helps it hold. But otherwise it's the same as most anything. Baked, scraped out, chilled. Reheated with butter and seasonings and panned up. After a bit of time and constant stirring it may become more mushy like most squash but still edible.
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I used to work at a retreat center where we served anywhere from 30 to 160 people 3 meals a day - service was family style - so they sat at tables of 6 and got dishes to share. We found that reheating spaghetti squash made it lose it's texture more than we wanted and settled on putting it in the serving dish room temperature and then pouring really really hot sauce over it just before sending it out to the dining room. Obviously, leaving it room temp is not an option for a buffet line - so maybe you could serve it as a cold entree instead of hot? Like a Chinese chicken noodle salad or something like that? Nicely dressed crunchy squash noodles with scallions and toasted peanuts and chicken and julienne or shredded veg? If that was a lunch option for me I would be thrilled.
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