Holding Ribs/BBQ to order

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by honduranheat, Jan 2, 2015.

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        Just wondering, how do yall hold ribs and bbq in a restaurant? Also, when holding, what is the best way to serve it, and by that mean, should the ribs already be glazed? Should the BBQ already be chopped up, or chopped to order?

       I work in a BBQ restaurant, still fairly new (its my parents place) and we've been holing ribs on a hot bar, and put sauce on them and glaze them in an over to order, BBQ we will chop ahead of time and keep on the hot bar. We are trying to get down our process, and serve the best food possible, while making the line "flow". We would like to be able to chop our BBQ to order, as we agree it tastes SO much better than on the hotbar, but we tried once and the butt just dries out. So another question is would injection help?

        Any advice/ tips from and BBQ restauranteurs/line cook would be greatly appreciated!
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    Pork butts,ribs, brisket I wrapped in plastic then foil then into a hotbox(aka towel lined cooler with a hot brick in the bottom) when I was catering. Could hold them well above the safe zone for 6 hours or more. Using a commercial holding box would work the same. Keep in mind they keep cooking a bit while held. In my opinion the long rest made for a better product too for butts and brisket, ribs lose some of the crunch I like but they could be crisped up on a grill and have sauce added(if you sauce, I never did.Had it on the table and it rarely got used).